Clarified Concepts


Communicate complicated concepts clearly and
concisely so your message is understandable
and relevant to your audience.

Writing for Results—
Clearly and Concisely

Learn to write business communication clearly
and concisely, in a way that gets the results you
want. Class includes a handy cheat sheet.

Core Workshop Modules:

  1.  Organize your Writing
  2. Understand Readers’ Needs
  3.  Get to the Point
  4. Use Active Sentences
  5. Design Clear Pages
  6. Avoid Common Mistakes
  7. Proofread for Accuracy

Option: Bring a document to class and get
individual coaching from the instructor.

Incorporates Federal Plain Language and
Washington State Plain Talk Principles.

Writing in Plain Talk

This workshop is the government version of
Writing for Results and covers similar material.

Technical Writing

Present technical information in a way that readers can easily understand. Add clarity and focus. Engage readers and eliminate confusion. Class includes a handy cheat sheet.

This class is great for those that find themselves  writing about complex issues to a reader that may not share their expertise.

Core Workshop Modules:

  1. Planning to write
  2.  Write to Readers’ Level
  3.  Better Communicate Complex Issues
  4.  Summarize Difficult Data Clearly
  5. Project Credibility and Professionalism
  6. Write Clear, Crisp Instructions
  7. Design for Comprehension
  8. Proofread for Accuracy

Option: Bring a document to class to work on and get
individual coaching from the instructor.


"I recommend that all personnel in any tech field attend this course. Their writing skills will be enhanced exponentially."

Ridiculously Effective Email

Learn ten easy steps to make email more efficient. Practice five powerful ways to
make it more effective.

Core Workshop Modules:

  1. 10 tips and techniques for Making Email More Efficient
  2. Organizing the Content of your Email Message
  3. Editing for Clarity and Conciseness
  4. Getting What you Want . . . with Less Email Exchanged

Grammar, Editing and Proofreading

Review grammar basics in a lively class with practical examples and engaging
exercises. Learn easytoremember solutions to common grammatical problems.

Core Workshop Modules:

  1. Parts of Speech Review
  2. Capitalization and Punctuation
  3. Champions’ Spelling Tricks
  4. Common Grammatical Mistakes
  5. Editing Checklist
  6. Proofreading Tips and Tricks
  7. Proofreading Checklist

I’m beyond happy I came. I’ve finally learned what has taken years to understand. Karen is an excellent instructor and really draws you in.” –

“Good grammar is instrumental in conveying ideas with clarity, professionalism, and precision.”