Clarified Concepts


Deliver relevant training with impact. Explore the
dynamics of adult learning, design compelling and “sticky”
content, and master core concepts of training delivery.

The Accidental Trainer

This workshop is for the employee who is
called upon to deliver training but has no
formal training in instructional techniques.

Core Workshop Modules:

  1. Creating Active and Engaging Training
  2. Promoting Learner Participation
    and Retention
  3. Establishing a Climate for Learning
  4. Understanding How Adults Learn
  5. Creating Learning Objectives 
  6. Designing, Developing, and
    Structuring Content
  7. Managing the Q & A

Number of Students: Maximum 16

“It helped cement concepts in my mind and gave me confidence in the right way to train. The instructor was a great model of how to be an excellent trainer and facilitated the training sessions above and beyond my expectations.”

Easy Instructional Design

Participants incorporate principles of adult learning while organizing and building
a training module. Hardcopy and electronic course design templates provided.

Core Workshop Modules:

  1. FastPath Instructional Design
  2. Needs Analysis Questionnaire and Checklist
  3. Specific and Complete Learning Objectives
  4. Completing the Instructional Design Template
  5. Using Adult Learning Principles
  6. Designing Course Materials
  7. Evaluation Options and Effectiveness

Trainer Tips & Tricks

This halfday class helps trainers and SMEs bring their sessions to life.
Develop an arsenal of memorable training activities, tips and resources to
make your job easier and keep participants involved and engaged.


Core Workshop Modules:

  1. Strong Openers and Closer
  2. On the Spot Student Assessment
  3. Favorite Activities
  4. Technical Snafus and Plan B
  5. Resources Every Trainer Should Know
  6. The Indispensable Trainer Toolkit

I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.”