Clarified Concepts


Master critical presentation skills. Learn how
to develop content, deliver your message with
confidence, and get the response you want
from your audience.

Presentation Excellence

This workshop includes plenty of handson exercises and practical experience. Learn and practice
techniques for building presentations, perfecting your delivery, and persuading audiences. Confidently
deliver your message with clarity and conviction. Great skill booster for trainers, too.


Includes at least 2 videos of student’s presentations, and individual coaching and assessment.

Core Workshop Modules:

  1. Design, Develop, and Organize Effective Presentations
  2. Master Good Delivery Skills
  3. Engage the Audience
  4. Minimize Nervousness
  5. Build More Effective Visual Aids
  6. Handle Difficult Situations and Q & A

Number of Students:Maximum 12

What I learned in class that I will use: “Stand and command. I get a little nervous in front of any size group but even in that situation if I just think to myself, ‘Stand and Command,’ it helps me to do just that.”

Presentation Pointers and Effective Visual Aids

Master effective presentations and powerful visual aids in this fastpaced course.
Discover PowerPoint tips to make your job easier and your presentations more
interesting. Students bring hardcopy slides to class for exercises in slide makeovers.

Core Workshop Modules:

  1. Organizing Effective Presentations
  2. Guidelines for Visual Aids
  3. PowerPoint Tips, Tricks and Features
  4. Creating Slides with Impact
  5. Flip Chart Finesse

“Presenting effectively is not a choice between style and substance, it's a balance between style and substance.”