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Put Clarified Concepts to Work for You

Our training empowers participants to communicate with clarity – and to do so quickly, easily, and confidently. 

We have developed a unique ORCA methodology, where participants learn to  communicate a message that is:

  • Organized
  • Relevant
  • Clear and concise
  • Action-oriented


At Clarified Concepts, we train your employees to write, present and communicate simply and clearly. Our training empowers participants to communicate with clarity – and to do so quickly, easily, and confidently.

We have developed an engagement framework that puts you and your employees at the center of everything we do. Through this framework, we ensure immediate and lasting real-world results.


Communicate complicated concepts clearly and correctly so your message is understandable and relevant to your audience.


Master critical presentation skills. Learn how to develop your content, deliver your message with confidence, and get the response you want from your audience.


Communicate clearly and collaborate effectively with co-workers and customers.   Enjoy a healthier, more productive work environment by understanding differences in behavior, judgments, expectations and attitudes.


Clear communication is crucial.

Clarified Concepts works closely with government and military personnel to adhere to plain language principles.

Clear communication enables agencies to work together efficiently and provides the public access to information that they can understand.

Every corporation relies on effective communication to meet their business objectives

Your people write product specifications to   launch market innovations, engage in proposal development to grow sales, and communicate policies and procedures to drive internal operational efficiency.

Clarified Concepts partners with companies to train staff to communicate clearly and concisely   to customers, prospects, and co-workers.

We specialize in teaching technical and supervisory teams.

To succeed in the workforce, your students must be able to influence others, present professionally, and communicate clearly.

Clarified Concepts has specialized experience working with students at all stages of their education.

We tailor our training workshops to give them the necessary communications skills they need to begin and enhance their careers, to be competitive, and to make a lasting, positive impression.

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