Clarified Concepts


Communicate clearly and collaborate effectively with
coworkers and customers. Enjoy a healthier, more
productive work environment by understanding differences
in behavior, judgements, expectations and attitudes.

Assertive Communication Skills

Communication, more than any other skill, determines
your success both personally and professionally.

Learn direct, assertive communication skills that will get
your message across while enhancing teamwork,
increasing collaboration and building rapport.

Core Workshop Modules:
  1. Explore Communication Styles
  2. Identify and Apply Assertive Skill
  3. Learn and Practice Active Listening
  4. Master a Simple Formula for “No”
  5. Give & Receive Feedback
  6. Present Ideas Positively and Professionally
  7. Deal with Difficult People and Tough Situations
  8. Build and Apply Workshop Skills to a Challenging Relationship

Listening Skills

Listening is essential to effective
communication. The ability to accurately
receive and interpret messages is key to the
communication process.


Good listening skills enhance employee
morale and collaboration, customer
satisfaction, productivity with fewer
mistakes, and much more.


Core Workshop Modules:

  1. Listening Assessment
  2. Barriers to Listening
  3. 5 Active Listening Techniques
  4. Understanding NonVerbal Cues
  5. 4 Ways to Listen Better 

“I am not naturally assertive. Learning that you can be direct, yet respectful, was a new perspective for me. This was a great class!”

Working with Multiple Generations

Can’t we all just get along? Explore differences in work habits, values,
communication styles, goals and motivators across generations

Learn how to work amicably and efficiently with any age. Attract, retain and
motivate a blended workforce.

Core Workshop Modules:

  1. Recognizing the different Generations
  2. Workplace Characteristics
  3. Drivers and Values of Each
  4. How Generations Define Success
  5. Coaching and Managing Employees of Different Generations

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”